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About Reg

Little Reginald is a speciality, on-line retailer, established in 2011. Our philosophy is to provide parents with quality, and affordable products. We are an Australian owned company (Specifically from Bairnsdale, VIC) with Australian values.

Little Reginald grew from a family production where a loving grandmother stitched together the first ‘Baby Pod’ for her grand daughter. The Baby Pod was a hit and family friends started putting forward their request for the same, it soon reached a level where a grandmother couldn’t keep up with demand so Little Reg went for a walk to find some help.

The name Little Reginald came from the father of Roslyn (AKA “the loving grandmother’). Still today, you can catch us at local markets, selling the Baby Pods locally in Victoria as we haven’t forgotten what got us started in the first place, and that is seeing the delight of parents who have used the Baby Pods with their own baby for the first time.

We hope you enjoy our Baby Pods just as much as we do, we are always open to hearing your feedback so please click the contact link and drop us a line.

Baby sleeps longer, And I know that a wrap wont unwrap and cover her face and as such, I sleep longer and more soundly than before.


This is great and baby can still move around enough to work on their muscle development while enjoying a restful, snuggled sleep.